May 21

Today is my last day to post a work 😦 

Today I drew a little on my guy looking through a piece of paper, and then I drew a creepy guy with a one lens glasses thingy.ImageImage


May 20

Today I started on a drawing of a person looking through a piece of paper. There are a lot of drawings of them on google and I just copied the idea. It still needs a lot of work.Image

May 16

Today I finished my runny nose poster and then I started on a new thing that has an apple and a pear against each other…ImageImage

May 13

Today I  do much I did a little editing on the runny nose and then I tried to draw a kleenex box chasing the nose but I didn’t get far.



May 10

Today I finished patrick and then started on redoing and old picture I drew of a runny nose, but in this one I added shorts because it looked naked….ImageImage

May 9

Today I worked on the krabby patty but i didn’t get much done because I donated blood. I kinda didn’t want to spend too much time on it so Im not going to draw the rest.Image

May 8

Today I finished the patrick but then I decided to draw a giant Krabby Patty in front of him. ImageImage

May 7 not March 7

Im almost done with my patrick drawing and it looks like its coming along well so far. I didn’t expect the color to turn out so well since I’d never done it before.Image

Guest Blog Post

Some tricks that I have learned are mostly key board shortcuts like the command C and V for  the copy and past tools, the command T for transforming objects, the F key for full screen or wide screen view, the command B for brush tool, the C key for crop, I also use the command + spacebar to zoom wile Im moving around in photoshop which makes getting around your project very easy and fast. I mostly use these shortcuts in photoshop. Another tip is to customize the Wacom tablet, I have it so I can right click by pressing ether the top or bottom buttons on the pen because they are very touchy and they are mostly pointless with the default settings of forward and backward because they don’t work in photoshop.

March 6

I worked on my patrick drawing today. It’s a little off but Im going to try and fix it, tomorrow Im going to color it and probably improve the outline of him.Image

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